Audi Brussels Factory of the Future 2020

Audi Brussels Factory of the Future 2020

Factories of the Future

To enable the production of the e-tron, a high-end SUV with a purely electric drive, the factory had to be completely rebuilt. The conversion was completed within a period of two years. In the same period a completely new battery assembly was put into service, the first within the Audi Group. These efforts were now recognised and the factory was given the title Factory of the Future.

Audi Brussels also received the ‘CO2-neutral factory’ certificate from the Belgian certification body Vinçotte in May 2018 and 2019 and now operates the world’s first certified, CO2-neutral series production in the premium segment. For example, the largest photovoltaic installation in the Brussels region with a current total surface area of 91,000 m² of solar panels has been installed on the factory roofs.

As a premium manufacturer, Audi Brussels meets high quality standards. The company strategically adapts its production and logistics processes to future requirements. The focus is on people: they are efficiently supported by auxiliary systems, including systems with new forms of human-machine interaction. These support systems increase process reliability and ergonomics in the workplace.

A great deal of importance is also attached to the well-being of employees. That is why the company consistently invests in ergonomic workplaces. In the new assembly lines, the height of the car can be adjusted for each work cycle. In this way, the employee can adopt the best ergonomic posture for performing the work.