Factory of the Future Awards 2019

Factory of the Future Awards 2019

Further digitisation, talent recruitment and sustainable entrepreneurship: more than enough challenges for tomorrow’s businesses. Wondering which Belgian companies are leading the way, and how they face the future? 

Make sure to attend the fifth edition of the annual Factories of the Future Awards, where the ‘factories of the future’ will be honoured. This year the event takes place during Indumation in Kortrijk, where you can be a privileged spectator of the launch of MindSphere World, an ecosystem of Belgian companies, colleges and universities to unlock the potential of IoT. 

Just as unique about this year’s presentation is the number of winners. More and more organisations are taking their production to a higher level, and are becoming future-oriented companies. The logical result: there are more prices to hand out than ever before.

But there’s also a lot to see and learn for you at the event. After all, it is the perfect opportunity to: 

  • get to know organisations that adopt a pioneering role; 
  • learn all about their approach; 
  • network and exchange knowledge with other attending companies; 
  • get inspired at the Indumation fair and see the MindSphere World Belgium kick-off. (by invitation) 

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16:00 h  Welcome and reception MindSphere World Belgium 

16:30 h  MindSphere World Belgium Kick-Off 

17:30 h  Welcome and reception Factory of the Future Award 

18:00 h  Presentation Factory of the Future Award 

19:30 h Network dinner MindSphere World Belgium and Factory of the Future Award 


Practical info

Kortrijk Xpo - Doorniksesteenweg 216, BE- 8500 Kortrijk

Woensdag 6 februari 2019, vanaf 17u30

Members of the partners mentioned hereunder and on invitation

Gain insights about ‘best practices’ for the future? Register here for the fifth edition of the Factory of the Future Awards: 06 February 2019.