Esco Couplings testifies at the World QRM Conference in Warsaw

Esco Couplings testifies at the World QRM Conference in Warsaw

The World QRM Conference will be held in Warsaw between the 6th and 9th of June. The Belgian company Esco Couplings will be testifying about their breakthrough with QRM.

The Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) strategy has already shown that it can help companies increase their competitiveness by focusing on shortening turnaround times. In recent years this strategy has also broken through in several European countries.

During the 2016 World QRM Conference, industrialists from different sectors around the world will share their experience in applying QRM principles. These will include Stef Huybrechts, operations director of Esco Couplings, who will explain how his company managed to reduce turnaround time by 75%.

Esco Couplings produces customised couplings for various market segments, ranging from high-speed trains to Formula 1. In the past, the great diversity of couplings led to unpredictable turnaround times, requiring a great deal of extra effort to serve the customer well. The company learned the QRM strategy in a Sirris QRM masterclass and began to implement it. Esco Couplings reorganised its production by market segment and brought the office staff together in cross-functional teams for order processing. These measures reduced their turnaround times so much that order planning is no longer even necessary.

In addition to some 20 case studies, the conference will also provide a series of interactive workshops and two visits.

Would you like to be there? More information and the 2016 World QRM Conference programme can be found here.

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